The Physician Enterprise and Enterprise Population Health COVID-19 resource page provides information, resources and tools for COVID-19, including the Ten Commandments Checklist, toolkits, protocols, tips for coping and more. Check back daily, as information will be added as it becomes available. Where possible, we have tried to maintain the CommonSpirit Health branding in resource documents.

CommonSpirit Health is adding a new COVID-19 symptom-checking “self-checker” to help screen patients and direct them to the right care resources. The self-checker will screen patients for COVID-19 based on information they provide about their symptoms, exposure and health risk factors. It will then direct them to appropriate local health system resources as needed.

This solution was successfully piloted in the Pacific Northwest division and is being expanded to all CommonSpirit Health locations. Patients and employees in CHI locations can access the self-checker by visiting the CHI National website. Dignity Health locations can access the self-checker on the Dignity Health COVID-19 information page.

Important items to remember:

  • Anyone can use the self-checker free of charge at any time.
  • Patients are greeted with a welcome message and general COVID-19 information from the CDC. The information and guidance within the self-checker is reviewed by divisional and national physicians and clinical advisors. It will be updated as guidelines change.
  • This is not intended to replace health care visits or your care team. Instead, these sessions are designed to provide immediate help for patients to stay informed and reduce calls and/or visits to clinics and ERs where unnecessary.

Please view the FAQs for more information about the new COVID-19 self-checker.

The “Ten Commandments Huddle Checklist” contains ten subject areas of focus and the supporting documentation for each area of focus. The documentation for each area of focus is reached through a simple link within the checklist. Some of the documentation is written, some are YouTube videos.

  • We understand that many clinics are having daily huddles at this time.
  • We further understand that clinics, because of their relative size, configuration, resources, and staffing, are different.
  • Having said this, clinic management and area leadership will need to work together to understand how best to apply the information contained in the “Ten Commandments Huddle Checklist”.
  • What we know for sure is that at this time a daily huddle is very important on multiple levels including:
    • knowledge and training for staff,
    • patient and staff safety,
    • overall quality of care,
    • and creating a sense of community at a time where information may not be flowing to all portions of our organization.

Thank you to our Huddle Checklist Development Team of Brooke Burgess, John Kniesche, Barbara Martin and countless people who prepared the documents.

In alignment with guidance from national health officials and evidence-based system criteria, we are entering into a period of “re-starting” both on the ambulatory and facility sides of care. Within the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic, “re-starting” means “Restarting in the New Normal” of social distancing, universal masking, source protection and much more.

We have created a universally accessible Box link that contains several files related to “Restarting in the New Normal.” Included is a “Restarting in the New Normal” tool kit. The tool kit covers 12 subjects:

A. Sick vs. Well Clinics
B. Universal Masking Plan
C. Source Control and Screening
D. Social Distancing and Scheduling Considerations
E. PPE Supplies
F. Prioritization of Visit by Types
G. COVID-19 Testing
H. Staff Considerations
I. Clinic Cleaning and Disinfection
J. Clinic Security Considerations
K. Communications Plan and Templated Materials
L. Ancillary Service Availability

The files within the Box link also include examples of  "Ambulatory Clinic Restarting in the New Normal" plans from various geographies throughout CommonSpirit Health, a "templated" draft document that will help you organize your plan, and files containing reference materials for each of the subjects in the above list.